Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did fitting my wedding dress. I am still in awe with the perfection of the hem! The dress fit me exactly right, and I am very grateful to you for sharing your talents!"


"Julie thank you so much for making my dress perfect.

You truly have such a wonderful gift."

Alysha M.

"Dear Julie:
Just a note of thanks for hemming up my "mother of the bride" dress and for altering Vanessa's designer bridal gown and bustling it for her. The day was everything Vanessa had hoped for and more and she was a beautiful bride. She didn't have to hike up her top, because you made it fit her so perfectly. I'm so glad that Vanessa looked you up on the web and that we decided to bring our dresses to you for alterations. It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you. You're a sweetheart and it's plain to see that you take a lot of pride in your work.

I've attached a couple of pictures for you from Vanessa's big day! Vanessa and JJ took a week long honeymoon to Ireland and now are residing in Salt Lake City, Utah for their residencies.

We can't thank you enough!"

Donna, Vanessa

"Dear Julie,
Thanks you so very much for everything you did for my wedding! You are such an amazing seamstress I refer everyone I know in hopes they will support your wonderful business. You had the most important item in my wedding. You took a dress that was OK and transformed it into my dream dress that I couldn't afford. You made my dream, my vision, real. I can't thank you enough!"

Thank you so much for all your help with my dress. It was beautiful!"

Amy & Jim

Gosh I loved wearing that dress and I kind of miss wearing it actually. I am seriously thinking of hiring you to adjust it into a formal evening dress because I love it so much!"

Much love,
Dennis & Steve

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my wedding dress. My mom's dress looked fantastic as well. Attached are a few pictures from the special day."

Thanks again,
The new Christie Andrews

I hope I fully expressed my appreciation for the great work you did in making my dream dress. It is so special to me and the fact that you made it was such a blessing. I am not sure I can thank you enough. But you will see it in the pride on my face when I finally get to wear it."


I didn't forget you, and wanted to give you some pictures of your excellent work. Thanks you so much for all the time and work you put into my wedding dress to please me. I was so happy with the results! Thanks again for your perfection and professional work!"


"Thank you so much for altering such a complex dress in a very short amount of time.. I really appreciate it!"


"Thank you, Mom, for all the time and love that you invested in making my wedding dress, enhancing the dresses for the bridesmaids and flowergirl, and for creating the ringbearer's outfit. The trips that we made to New York City searching for material and pieces for my dress were so much fun, and so worthwhile. It is amazing what you can make, even without a pattern! You kept my head on straight when I thought I would lose my mind. I would have been lost without you."


I love to hear from my clients. If you would like to share your experience, please email a short testimonial to me at juliesews@yahoo.com.


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-Julianne Jordan